How to Make a Square/Box Crosshair in Valorant

As Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant continues to rise in popularity, more and more players are looking to improve their Valorant gameplay to climb the spectrum of ranks in the title. While there’s no alternative for practice and hard work, changing your in-game Valorant settings might be the first step you need to take to spice up your gameplay.

It goes without saying that crosshairs lay a big impact on your overall in-game performance, which is why players often try to readjust their crosshair to find the ideal one for them. If you’re looking for a crosshair that’ll help you improve your gameplay, the square crosshair might just be the one for you.

Here’s how you can implement the square/box crosshair in your Valorant settings:

  • Launch Valorant
  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Click on ‘Crosshair’
  • Select the color and outline based on your preference
  • Set ‘both ‘Outline Opacity’ and ‘Outline Thickness’ to 1
  • Turn on ‘Centre Dot’ and set its opacity to 1
  • Set ‘Centre Dot Thickness’ to 2
  • Turn off ‘Fade Crosshair
  • Set ‘Inner Line Opacity’ and ‘Inner Line Length’ to 1
  • Set ‘Inner Line Thickness’ to 10
  • Set ‘Inner Line Offset’ to 5
  • Turn off movement and firing errors
  • Set ‘Outer Line Opacity; to 1
  • Set ‘Outer Line Length’ and ‘Outer Line Thickness’ to 0

That’s it! Once you copy all these settings you should successfully have a square crosshair in Valorant.