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CSGO Grenade Texture Upgrade Codes found in Dota 2 Battle Pass Update?

Recently, a lot of rumours have been flying around about a close at hand Source 2 revamp for CS:GO. The update is speculated to fix a lot of existing problems for Valve’s apex FPS title and bring in some new industry-standard features on the table too. One of the many things the update is currently believed to be aimed at fixing is the annoying smoke outline bug which has existed on the Source 1 game engine for a long time.

A set of enigmatic strings have surfaced with the recent release of the DOTA 2 TI10 Battle Pass update. The strings have been linked to new lighting and particle effects for CS:GO. The strings are:

  • “csgo_show_indexed_light_indices”
  • “csgo_show_lod_origin”
  • “csgo_show_nonfogging_cached_lights”
  • “csgo_single_light_fast_path_sun_cascade_vignette”

This revelation along with the recent changes to grenade particles and addition of new Smoke and Molotov effects to the game have made the community hopeful for potential future fixes to the smoke outline bug in the Source 2 engine.


Data miner, ‘wickedplayer494’ in a Twitter post said, “Yes, some “csgo_” prefixed console commands are present in Dota 2 – but it’s more likely that these were systems adapted from CS:GO itself forward into Source 2 versions in Dota 2.

There were also some changes to grenade particles. New effects were added for all grenades ⁠— from molotovs to smokes.

This makes us just a bit more sceptical about the recent developments and the possible upcoming fix, but now only time will tell what is to come.

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