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Source 2 engine might soon be hitting CSGO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s source engine has really come a long way keeping the game incredibly facile. But over the past year, being Valve’s most famous FPS title, the game seems to be in a plummet when it comes to competing with its rivals. If we talk about Valorant, Riot Games seems to be much defiant than anyone at the moment. Amidst this all, Valve might have to revamp it’s plans and come up with a better solution to be in the competition.

According to some reports, Valve might be bringing in some changes to CS:GO where we would get to witness the Source 2 engine which the community has been looking forward to. These reports were then backed up by ‘Nors3’ who then confirmed about the same and the certitude which he showers upon his reliable sources. “About Source 2 being released in CS:GO in 2 months: it seems trustworthy because I heard from reliable sources,” he said, “but with Valve, you can never be 100% confident with unofficial dates.”

With a rough estimate of two months on the calendar and with the ESL One Rio Major canceled by the tournament organizer, the community will totally be able to check it out in a fully-fledged manner along with the players from the Pro Scene who won’t stand a chance to complain about it as the release of Source 2 engine won’t be barricading any Major tournament preparations. This guesstimating won’t hit the players as a surprise as these rumors have been circulating for almost years now and there might be a majority among community waiting for Valve to drop the news about the same.

With it’s release on the horizon, we might not see this newly developed Source 2 Engine to run with an efficiency as it might be surrounded by bugs in the start where we would a plethora of several patch updates being released by Valve in a bid to optimize it.

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