One of the teams from League of Legend’s LPL recently dropped their primary jungler from the team. This team is none other than Rouge Warriors which have an average win rate of 59.7 % having 36W and 41L out of the 77 total games played by them so far in League of Legends. RW has released jungler Wang “WeiYan” Xiang after the allegations of match-fixing surfaced against the player, according to a translated post (via Weibo) from the team.

Rogue Warriors stated that team’s former jungler was indulged in several activities during LPL 2020 competitions which completely violated team’s rules & regulations. We can conclude that RW’s games during this split had a negative effect on the team overall due to their jungler “WeiYan”. They also stated that they will further conduct deep probes internally and strict action will be taken against anyone who directly or indirectly participated in violations.

Also, an anonymous Weibo account posted screenshots where WeiYan was discussing of match-fixing games against Victory Five & Dominus Esports – however, the team ended up winning against Victory Five during week 3 of 2020 LPL Spring Split.

WeiYan made it into the team after replacing Chen “Haro” Wen-Lin (21 years old), who had a 2.3 KDA and 73.8 % kill participation in teamfights. Rogue Warriors are currently sitting in the lower half of the points table winning only three of their last eight games played. We feel like the losses need to be investigated to see if WeiYan had a major role to play in those losses or not!


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