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CSGO Servers Are Down Globally UPDATED OCT 1

Update: Users Reporting CSGO Servers Are Down In The US

Thousands of users have started reporting that CSGO servers are going offline. The issue started only a few minutes ago but hasn’t been fixed yet.

The Battle Pass for The International 2020 in Dota 2 which was released an hour ago caused an influx of players to load up into the steam servers, causing issues worldwide as a result of the overload on the server.

The overload was, however, expected. It was because the new Battle Pass had brought a plethora of new exclusive content to the game and brought back tons of stuff from last years’ Battle Passes.

Many Steam servers and game servers are down as a result, and CSGO servers are no exception to that. Reports show well over a thousand reports on CSGO servers being down across more than 60 different countries.

CSGO is currently the most played game on Steam in terms of concurrent player count, and an outage on a game of this calibre is sure to enrage the players of the game.

It’s still uncertain when the CSGO outage will be fixed, but chances are it won’t take long before Valve comes up with a solution.


Besides CSGO, users have also reported not being able to buy the Battle Pass itself, which is the root for all the trouble. It’s safe to assume that transactions across Steam are also experiencing an outage, which can’t be fixed till Valve intervenes or the load becomes lighter across the servers.

The Battle Pass 2020 update is not only huge in size but also the biggest Dota 2 update in history.

UPDATE: CSGO servers are down again today, July 15th. Several users reported having trouble loading inventory and game servers from trouble to servers.

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