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CSGO fan recreates a spectacular version of Cache in Unreal Engine

Waiting for Source 2? Take a look at something that will change the way you look at Cache.

The Source 2 release for CSGO is just on the horizon, and the days before the official engine upgrade are numbered. While waiting on the hype train, what if you could take a peek at another upgrade which, although not official, could completely change the graphics of CSGO to a level that seems almost realistic?

After the Unreal Engine remake of Dust 2 which conquered the internet a while back, a CSGO fan and Reddit user u/dynsprd has successfully turned De_cache into a gorgeous piece of art in Unreal Engine 4, which was shared through a Reddit post. The thread captures a screengrab from the game which gives us the idea of how beautiful the work is.

If you too are dazzled by the stunning graphics like us, chances are that you’re unable to tell which part of Cache is this picture from. Don’t worry, it took us a while to decipher it too, but the still is from near the A-site besides default where the player seems to be taking a fatal shot at his enemy with a Deagle.

The revamp made the surroundings change too, as many of the structures are replaced by newer ones. However, the overall layout of the site seems to be quite the same.

If you take a closer glance you can notice the finer details of the map like the dust, light, shadows and textures on the walls which seem to be unbelievably realistic for a video game.

It goes without saying that this sort of graphics should almost be enough to make most of our PCs emit smoke from the CPUs, so don’t expect  to see this in CSGO anytime soon.

Contrary to popular belief, the Source 2 upgrade for the first-person shooter won’t be having any significant impact on the graphics of the game whatsoever, this not impacting the performance on older computers. On the contrary, it is much more likely that the Source 2 release will increase the performance optimization of the game instead.

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