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Youtuber recreates a spectacular version of Dust2 in Unreal Engine

A YouTuber by the name of Quixel has recreated the iconic and the most popular map: Dust2 in CSGO using Unreal Engine 4.

The video only shows parts of the A site, with the Catwalk, CT Spawn and Long areas surrounding it, but the details are very meticulous and represent the next-gen graphics we have come to expect of in recent games.

To begin, Quixel took some screenshots of different parts of the A site to get a better understanding of the space, both horizontally and vertically to exactly replicate the map. He fed these images into a software which converted them into a 3D model replicating A site with a very high degree of precision.

He then used this model to build his own using Unreal Engine 4, after which he added textures and assets like wooden planks and doors, making the site on par with 2019 graphic standards.

With the widespread appreciation within the community, it begs the question whether such an update is feasible. While it provides an experience much better than its counterpart, the increased hardware requirements reduce the number of users capable of running the game which is ultimately costly for a multiplayer game like CSGO.

Nevertheless, the model looks gorgeous and one that has mesmerized fans of the iconic map. It remains to be seen whether Quixel will make a complete model for the map or moving to something else.

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