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CSGO breaks Dota 2’s all time concurrent player record

We're starting to lose track of how many records has this game broken since the beginning of 2020.

Ever since the release of operation Shattered Web, the player base of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been increasing every month. The game reached one milestone after another as it glided through the steam charts to the top of it. Many thought that the escalation of the player count was only temporary and a direct result of the operation which had players engaged to the game, but they were wrong.

Weeks later after Operation Shattered Web ended, CSGO reached yet another milestone as it reached over 1.3 million concurrent players, shattering the record of Dota 2 which reached an apex of about 1.29 million concurrent players on March 2016.

The reasons for this unprecedented growth is most likely the current pandemic scenario which has made people throughout the world locked in their rooms. This factor combined with the love Valve has shown for the game recently by introducing regular updates to the game has led to this amazing milestone. The new CSGO update which was released on Friday introduced a lot of new stuff to the game, from music kits to 1v1 warmup arenas.

With the looming uncertainty of the future of this legendary first-person shooter by Valve due to the release of VALORANT, this sort of record is certain to soothe the hearts of millions of fans of the game who don’t want to see it die out.

Sonu Banerjee
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