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CSGO breaks the record for highest number of players

August of 2019 registered the highest number of active Counter-Strike players in quite a while but that record was surpassed in the month of December.

Starladder Major hosted in Berlin built quite a hype around the world, which saw the game get a 5.41% increase in the number of average active players. 21000 new players approximately tuned in to the game which led the month of August to gain a whopping 415000 average active players, with 850485 being the all-time highest according to Steam Charts.

Via Steam Chats

The month of November bought along Operation Shattered Web, which was the first operation in more than 2 years. Operations were always an exciting aspect of the game and seeing one come back after years made a lot of players dial back to CSGO.

Coming into New Year the statistics for the month of December was impressive to all fans. The game registered a total average of 457000 active players in the past month, the final 31 days of 2019 added 30000 players to the count and a 7.19% increase, both of the stats being the highest of the year.

It brings joy to hearts of all lovers of the game seeing it at the top of the charts. Many skeptics considered this to be a dead game but the numbers completely go against their opinion.

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