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New CS:GO Operation Shattered Web brings Agents, missions, and SG 553 nerf

Good news for CSGO fans as Valve have released a new Operation along with several adjustments to weaponry.

Operation Shattered Web has been released and it introduces ground breaking new features into the realm of CSGO.

There are new models that can be unlocked in game, with users able to play with a Female Model for the very first time.

Along with the new ‘agents’, there are new maps and features added to highlight the round with end-of-the-round screens.

Other features of the new Operation is that Valve have released a new case, new weaponry and knives into the game, which usually accompanies an Operation.

To top it off though, Valve have made changes to weaponry, with an increase in the price of SG 553 to $3000 a welcome one. FAMAS and Galil have both received spray buffs along with a reduction of 200$ each in their price. It will be important to see how the meta unfolds after this update. But, these are exciting times for fans of the game and the OG FAMAS fans.

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