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ESL to host the first 2020 CS:GO Major in Brazil – Report

According to Jarek ‘Dekay’ Lewis, there is ample reason for Brazilian fans to get excited for 2020. The journalist revealed in his report for DLBTAP that the first major of 2020 is set to be held in Brazil.

As per the information gathered from his report, Rio de Janeiro will be the holy ground for CSGO fans in 2020, with the city holding the major.

Another positive point from the report is that ESL will be the organizer for the major that is set to be called the ‘ESL One Rio Major’.

The report from DeKay follows revelations from Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev on his Instagram Live Stream that the next Major is set to be held in Brazil.

The alleged choice of ESL being handed the event is a positive thing though. Not only have ESL hosted the most number of majors in CSGO history but they are the most experienced TO when it comes to events in Brazil.

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