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DotA 2 Battle Pass 2020 Is Here With Historical Update

Valve sure went all-out in this Battle Pass for TI10 which might just be the best one till date.

Valve has released the Battle Pass for The International 10 Dota 2 tournament despite the competition being delayed into 2021

The year-long wait was indeed worth it, because the The International 10 Battle Pass brings a plethora of new content to the game which can potentially revolutionize the BP experience.

The first notable feature is the implementation of the guild system. To put it simply, anyone playing Dota 2 can join Guilds now to partake in quests while earning rewards. However, only Battle Pass owners can create a guild. A completely new game mode is also expected to come in near future, similar to the likes of Underhollow in last year’s BP.

DotA 2 Battle Pass 2020

The MVP system has been revamped. It will now operate on an internal algorithm rather than by voting among the players like previous year. Another attractive feature is the ‘Pause-Screen Playground’ which will enable players to enjoy mini-games during game pauses. Previously, we could only read tips in the pause-screen which was often considered boring because after a point the tips would repeat themselves.

The wagering system has been upgraded to include streak bonuses, and the assistant which comes with the Battle Pass also includes improvements to aid players better in the battlefield.

There are also several other returning features from previous years but what comes next is the most shocking of all the contents of this year’s Battle Pass.

3 New Arcanas

Yes, you heard us right. Not one, not two, but three new Arcanas are spread across the levels in the Battle Pass. The heroes which received Arcanas are Queen of Pain, Windranger and Wraith King.

2 New Hero Personas, Female Anti-Mage

No, we’re not joking. Pudge and Anti-Mage got all-new hero personas to them. But what’s interesting was the fact that the Anti-Mage persona is female. Besides these, a new announcer pack, a new terrain and lots of custom sprays and  voice lines are also included in the Battle Pass following its regular paradigm.

Several other attractive and unique features were also included into the Battle Pass like Ping Cosmetics, kill-streak effects and living towers. Every single small detail of the new update, which is the largest update in Dota 2 history can be found in the official blog post by Valve.

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