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Dota 2 Battle Pass 2020 releasing tomorrow

Rejoice, Dota 2 fans! The year-long wait for the BP 2020 has finally come to an end.

Gamers, start readying your wallets, because the release date of the International 2020 Battle Pass has finally been confirmed by none other than Valve themselves.

On May 24, Valve has declared through their official Dota 2 Twitter handle that the Battle Pass for TI10 is all set to come out “tomorrow”. Judging by the tweet, players can expect for the Battle Pass to hit the Steam store by the midnight of May 26th.

The short video attached to the Tweet also gives us a brief idea on the theme of this year’s Battle Pass which appears to be yellow in colour.

The Battle Pass for Dota 2 is insanely popular among players of the game because it comes with a plethora of unique features for the buyers to enjoy like custom chat wheel sounds, exclusive hero cosmetics, revamped terrain, personas, quests, new game modes, and a lot more.

The Battle Pass sales also fund the prize pool of The International due to Valve’s crowdfunding strategy which states that 25% of all BP sales add directly to the final prize pool of TI. Generally, every year The International prize pool is seen overtaking the last years’ amounts, and fans will be eager to find out if the pattern continues in this year’s Battle Pass, which many are suspecting is unlikely due to the gradual fall in the player count of the game over time.

Last year, the prize pool of The International 2019 was a whopping $34,330,068 which Valve will be targeting to surpass this year. It’s also highly likely that Valve will set an attractive reward for the Battle Pass buyers for surpassing last year’s prize pool, a paradigm which was seen in previous Battle Passes.

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