Herschel “DrDisrespect” Beahm IV is one of the most iconic streamers on Twitch. Generally known to be in the centre of online controversies, the 38-year-old streamer still has a huge fan following and is loved by many for his unique and hilarious on-stream character which he portrays. Although he hasn’t found himself amidst another controversy this time, but he has pulled off a classic DrDisrespect move once again after losing a bet to a fellow streamer.

Ranks in Valorant

DrDisrespect had made a bet of 100 subscribers with another popular streamer TimTheTatman on which one of them would be placed in the highest league after completing their VALORANT placement matches, and it appears that the results made the former completely uninstall the game itself.

Both the American streamers finished their placement matches by May 21st and while TimTheTatman opened a rank of Silver 2, DrDisrespect could only reach Bronze 3. Needless to say, this placement might have caught DrDisrespect off-guard, since Bronze is almost towards the bottom of the spectrum of competitive ranks in VALORANT. A streamer of his calibre opening such a low rank is bound to be embarrassing to say the least.

However, DrDisrespect adhered to his words. He gifted his competition 100 subs but took out his anger on Riot’s competitive shooter in the process.  He uninstalled VALORANT live on his stream and said that he is “never playing it again.”

He also got rid of the VALORANT’s anti-cheat system – Vanguard. “Get rid of Vanguard too. Get it off my system. $250,000 PC, you think in going to have some Vanguard security system on it? Wrong!”

Other popular streamers like Shroud and Ninja didn’t leave this opportunity to add heat to the situation as they teased DrDisrespect for being placed in the lowest parts of the rank charts.

DrDisrespect was swift to respond in kind, as he unfollowed both of them on Twitter without expending a single word.

While it’s obvious that these incidents were all done in good humour without any hard feelings being involved, the turn of events was indeed hilarious for the fans of the streamers to experience, and probably a bit embarrassing for the Doc, whose gaming PC is now devoid of the shooter set to release on June 2.