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COD Mobile Season 13 is ridden with bugs and glitches

Call of Duty: Mobile has recently pushed its latest seasonal update but a large part of the community seems to be unhappy with the new patch. Many users have been repeatedly posting about several issues they are facing in the game and now, a similar stance has been taken in the official subreddit of COD Mobile in the hopes of shedding light on these issues.

COD Mobile is one of the most stable and smooth games available on the mobile platform.

It has been the smoothest game to implement several mechanisms of it’s PC counterparts into a portable version and due to this, it has a huge growing player base. This analogy somehow is failing for this season.

Developing a game without a single bug or glitch is the ultimate goal for the developers but in reality, it is hard to obtain such results.

Some small glitches may slip past the developers and arrive in the game but this time, a ton of issues have rendered the game useless for many players.

To address this issue, a user has posted a short message for fellow players and the COD Mobile team.

According to the post, many users have been facing black screen issues, FPS drop and several other in-game glitches that are largely affecting the user experience while playing COD Mobile.

This post has received an overwhelming response and several others in the community agree with this. A screengrab of the issues posted and the appeal is given below:

The replies to this post were in agreement with the issues posted and several users even taunted the developers for adding new skins but neglecting to fix the bug issues.

The necessary actions might be taken very soon but until then, players can only hope that their requests are heard and these bugs are fixed.

Call of Duty: Mobile is well-reputed to be clean of unnecessary bugs and glitches but with this new update, the tables have turned and the game is totally unplayable.

As the next season is right around the corner, players can expect to receive a small hotfix patch before it or wait for the next update.

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