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Riot rebrands North American league LCS in a bid to push League into a “new era”

Just weeks after the Korean league (the LCK) rebrand the North American league (the LCS) is second in line to receive the overhaul. The Korean revamp was similarly touted as the beginning of a “new era” for the newly-franchised LOL competitions. 

After the retirement of superstars like Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg and Yilliang “Doublelift” Peng in 2020, everyone involved with the League hoped for a new start from 2021 and revamp to the old format.

The new rebrand comes just a month after Riot pushed a number of huge changes for the League of Legends competition including the scrapping of the controversial Spring split and the introduction of a new pre-season “Lock In” tournament.

Following the number of superstar retirements, Riot Games has finally switched their focus on the competition’s best rookies and unveiled a league-wide rebrand for their flagship North American competition, the League of Legends Championship Series, to incorporate new changes in the tournament format and push the LCS into a “new era”.

Riot announced the rebrand with a new video which features Team Liquid’s bot laner Edward “Tactical” Ra ⁠— 2020’s Rookie of the Year ⁠— as front and center with other young stars like TSM jungler Mingyi “Spica” Yu and 100 Thieves’ Victor “FBI” Huang also appearing in the video. 

The newly announced 2021 rebrand brings in many changes including a new purple logo, reworked on-stream overlays, a promise from Riot Games: after the “end of an era” and finally two new mottos for the flagship North American competition: “Made by Many” and “All for the Game.”

Riot is also expected to begin its hunt for a single-platform broadcast deal for the rebranded North American league and Potential broadcast partners on the list may include YouTube Gaming, Twitch, and Fox-backed CaffeineTv.

The new LCS returns on Friday, Jan. 15 with the promised pre-season “Lock In” tournament.

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