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COD Mobile to get an exclusive new map in the next update

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Activision has teased a new map for the upcoming season of COD Mobile and the first look of this map reveals that it is going to be a completely new map specially designed for their mobile title. The developers have added many famous maps from the COD franchise to the game but in this case, it will be the first exclusive map for COD Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a portable version that represents the entirety of COD in mobile gaming. This title has both multiplayer and battle royale modes and this new map will be added to all the variants of MP mode. The first look was uploaded on the official Twitter handle of COD Mobile.

The map which is highlighted above strikes a strong resemblance to the Coastal map which is currently available in the Chinese version of COD Mobile. This version of the game is quite different than the global variant and has its own tailored content. As the map showcased above is almost a lookalike of Coastal, there is a strong possibility that the new map will be Coastal in the global version as well.

The developers add new maps on a frequent basis and all of these maps are adopted from famous COD titles to date. Recently, two maps were added in the seasonal update, and hence, this new map might be added to the game with the next seasonal update.

COD Mobile Season 3 will begin in mid-April so there is still a long time before players can try their hands on this map. The next season will also bring many new features to the game which will be revealed in near future.

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