yoru valorant
yoru valorant, photo: Riot

Prior to patch 2.06, Yoru was one of the least picked heroes in Valorant at higher ranks. This is why Riot Games decided to buff the agent, alongside Viper, in multiple aspects to make him more effective in-game. While the buffs indeed helped make them more viable in competitive, a game-breaking Yoru bug might be a cause of major concern for Valorant players queuing for competitive till this issue is fixed.

This newly-discovered bug lets Yoru plant the Spike during his ultimate. To replicate this bug, players have to use Yoru’s ultimate while having the Spike with them. Once at a site, the duelist can simply plant the Spike while remaining invulnerable and return to safety before his ultimate timer is up.

Now all the Attackers have to do is keep the Defenders busy by using their skills till the Spike explodes.

This is likely an unintended interaction of Yoru’s ultimate since the same can’t be done when trying to defuse the Spike as a Defender.

Fans are hoping for this game-breaking bug to get fixed by Riot at the earliest. 

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