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S8UL Gaming House Revealed: Most Luxurious Gaming Facility in India

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S8UL is one of the most beloved esports organizations in India and is a home for many popular content creators in Indian gaming community. Soul and 8Bit have merged under the same banner and the co-owners 8bit Thug, 8bit Goldy an Soul Mortal have formed the “most luxurious gaming facility in India”.

An official tour video was uploaded on YouTube and it showcases a 15,000 sq.ft luxurious gaming space for the content creators and esports rosters representing S8UL. This “S8UL Gaming House 2.0” was an awaited revelation for the fans and certainly lived up to the hype created by the representatives.

8Bit Thug, the co-founder of S8UL, started off this tour with a brief introduction about this facility and first view of the waiting lobby before entering the building. The entrance leads to a spacious living room where a wall depicts the entirety of S8UL content creators and players and the trophies have been showcased.

Photo: S8UL // S8UL New Gaming House

This room will be essentially as a social space for the creators and players. The first floor also has two rooms with names referring to certain in-game maps. These rooms will host two esports rosters and have a house space of six per room.

Photo: S8UL

The next floor in this tour has a big pool table in the center and many other rooms for content creators. This floor is titled as “Sleeping Den” and will be used for sleeping and resting for the content creators. Third floor on in this facility is the content creation room where the entire content creation team will work in their separate work spaces.

Photo: S8UL

This floor has a dedicated workspace for each and every content creator with a dedicated setup through which they will stream and create rest of the content. These innovative spaces allow each and every content creator to add a special element of their own personal space in the small area. The tour ended with a room which was yet to be revealed. This space will be saved for the recently hired Valorant roster.

Photo: S8UL

The video ends with a short message by 8Bit Goldy on the future plans of S8UL. It has been revealed that a new mobile esports lineup will be announced very soon and S8UL merchandise will be launched.

Thumbnail: S8UL

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