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ESL Announces CSGO Showmatch on De_Tuscan at ESL Pro League S13

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It seems like the map that has been creating some serious hype in the CSGO community for well over a year is finally about to arrive to the shooter, as ESL has announced a grand showmatch to be organized during the ESL Pro League S13 at Tuscan, the bomb defusal map that was insanely popular among CS fans back in the day.

Tuscan is a bomb defusal map and one of the most iconic maps in Counter-Strike history. The map had managed to mark its place alongside other great maps of CS 1.6 like Inferno, Aztec, and the legendary Dust 2.

While Tuscan was discontinued from the series from the days of Source and was absent from CSGO, fan-made versions of the map still continued to rock the Steam workshop.

Last year, we had reported that a revamped Tuscan for CSGO might be in the works. The hype increased further when the closed beta trailer for the map was revealed by the map developers this January.

While itโ€™s still unclear if the map will make its way back to CSGO, the showmatch is still certain to fill the hearts of Counter-Strike fans with nostalgia.

The map, still being in its early phases, is likely to have some bugs present during the time of the showmatch. However, players can expect these bugs to be sorted out swiftly if Valve decides to ship it to the official map pool in the near future.

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