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Legendary map Tuscan to soon make its way to CSGO

Tuscan is one of the most iconic maps in Counter-Strike history. If you’re an avid fan of the series, there’s not a chance that you’re unfamiliar with de_tuscan. The map had made its place alongside great maps like Inferno, Aztec, and the legendary Dust 2.

While Tuscan was discontinued from the series from the days of Source and was absent from CSGO, fan-made versions of the map still continued to rock the Steam workshop.

However, it looks like Tuscan is about to make its return to CSGO. It didn’t come as a surprise, though, considering the fact that Don Haci had said last year that a rework of the map was in progress.

Tuscan was one of the most loved maps back in CS 1.6 days. The spawns gave CT an advantage while holding middle and the sites simultaneously, but good utility usage and map awareness could easily enable Ts to control crucial areas of the map. The amount of room for counterplay from both sides gave the bomb defusal map its historic status among the other legendary maps in the game.

On September 23rd, Norse confirmed on Twitter that two map creators “Brute” and “catfood” are working on the official version of de_tuscan with permission from the original map creator. He also stated that the map is still in its early stages, and asked for professional players to playtest it. He attached a screenshot of the new Tuscan which you can take a look at below.


Another screenshot of the rework was shared by Twitter user “Gabe Follower”.

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