CSGO Tuscan Map Closed Beta Trailer Out

The bomb defusal map is likely to make its return to CSGO this year.

csgo tuscan 2022

Following a long wait from the CSGO community, the closed beta trailer of Tuscan has finally been revealed by the map developers through a YouTube video today.

For the unaware, Tuscan in CSGO is a bomb defusal map and one of the most iconic maps in Counter-Strike history. The map had managed to take its place alongside other great maps of CS 1.6 like Inferno, Aztec, and the legendary Dust 2.

While Tuscan was discontinued from the series from the days of Source and was absent from CSGO, fan-made versions of the map still continued to rock the Steam workshop.

Tuscan CSGO Beta –

A few months ago, we had reported that a revamped version of Tuscan might be en route to CSGO, and it appears like we’re nearing the date.

Here’s the closed beta trailer of Tuscan as revealed by the map developers:

tuscan csgo

From the trailer, it’s evident that the revamped Tuscan has undergone significant improvements over the previous version. While the overall structure of the map is somewhat the same, the visuals of each area have been enhanced. The in-game models and the environment are also revamped with delightful visuals.

The exact release date of this new Tuscan is still uncertain, but the map developers have confirmed that it’ll be available to play on Faceit.