CallMeCarson accused of pedophilia

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Popular Minecraft YouTuber Carson King aka CallMeCarson has been accusing of grooming and pedophilia by a Twitter user with hints suggesting there could be more than one victim.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle miniborb has accused King of grooming, stating that she was groomed with pedophilic intentions when she was 17 and in high school. “Grooming, pedophilia, Carson situation // I can personally come out and say that I’ve been groomed by Carson. I have talked to many people and never came out about this since now. At the time I was still 17 and in high school.” read the Tweet.

She claims she was joking when she asked King to be her boyfriend in a Tweet. He hopped into her DMs directly afterward which she doesn’t have any proof of but screenshots of discord messages had enough content to attest to her claims.
CallMeCarson Accused of Grooming Underage

The tweet where she accused CallMeCarson was followed by a string of screenshots that exposed his intentions. In those screenshots, Carson can be seen approaching “sam” with inappropriate intentions despite knowing the fact that she was underage and enrolled in high school at the time. “hard to resist” was how Carson described sam in those screenshots.

No matter how this is presented, if those allegations are true, things should take a legal turn as everything mentioned in those messages is a criminal offense.

Carson is yet to publish a statement addressing those claims and his silence is incriminating.

His former Lunch Club members Traves and Hugbox already accused him of similar things which KEEMSTAR saved him from, now that there is solid evidence, it will be hard for anyone to keep him off the hook.

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