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Activision has added a new event called ‘Get Egged’ to COD: Mobile for celebrating the Easter season. This event is pretty simple and players need to complete several tasks in the BR mode to gain exclusive skins and some other items for free. This event is time-limited and the missions are relatively easy as well.

COD Mobile Get Egged event details

COD Mobile regularly adds seasonal events through which various new content like guns, utilities, and other equipment is introduced in the game but some events are added on a special occasion. This time, Easter is being celebrated in-game with the “Get Egged” event.

In this event, players need to complete the following tasks and advance the taskbar. Once the designated number of points is achieved, the reward is unlocked. Alongside camos, different in-game items like credits and weapon XP cards can also be earned from this event.

The missions for this event are as follows:

  • Play three BR Matches: 10 points
  • Use Festive Grenades 3 times in BR Pre-match: 10 points
  • Use Festive Grenades 15 times in BR Pre-match: 20 points
  • Hit 10 enemies with Festive Grenades in BR Pre-match: 30 points
  • Land in Circus 3 times in BR: 10 points
  • Use Emotes 5 times in Circus in BR: 10 points
  • Find and Break 5 Easter Eggs in BR: 20 points
  • Place in the top ten in BR 3 times: 10 points
  • Place in the top five in BR twice – 20 points

The rewards for completing these missions are also mentioned below:

  • 5 Weapon XP cards: 40 points
  • 300 Credits: 60 points
  • Parachute – Crisis Camo: 80 points
  • ORV – Crisis Camo: 100 points
  • 25 Weapon XP cards: 120 points

You just need to complete the missions and attain the designated number of points to unlock these rewards. The missions are easy and you can get two camos for free.

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