Where to find Crash Pads in Fortnite?

crash pad fortnite

The No Sweat Summer event has unvaulted the Crash Pads again. Therefore, Fortnite players can use the Crash Pads in the way they wish. Crash Pads are fun to use as it provides an anti-gravity effect whenever you make a contact with the pad. Crash Pad is a rare item in Fortnite that was first introduced with the v12.30 update.

Are you ready for a high jump? Let’s discuss where you can find Crash Pads in Fortnite.

Where to find Crash Pads in Fortnite?

Finding Crash Pads around the map isn’t that hard. Patience is all you need. You can find Crash Pads anywhere within the chests and supply drops. Moreover, keep your eyes open as they can be found anywhere on the floor as well.

Once you find a Crash Pad, you can use it to jump to the top of any structures easily. Moreover, the Crash Pads can also deflect grenades. Test it out right now and also let us know in the comment section, where did you find your first Crash Pad.