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Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant is one of the hottest titles in the world of FPS games right now, and is regularly played by millions of players worldwide.

With the increasing popularity of the game, the competition between players has grown tougher than ever. More and more players are aspiring to reach for the top levels of competitive play, but not everyone has what it takes to shine.

If you’ve been wanting to get good at Valorant, then you’re at the right place. Now don’t get us wrong, there are no alternatives to hardwork and dedication when it comes to being the best in anything, but we can show you some shortcuts and guide you through the tips on how you can be a better Valorant player.

  • Find your sensitivity: You can never attain your maximum potential in Valorant unless you figure out your ideal sensitivity. There are a lot of guides readily available out there to help you find your Valorant sensitivity, but if you’re coming from another shooter like CSGO or Overwatch you can just take a shortcut and view this guide to convert your sensitivities from different games to Valorant.
  • Create a warm-up routine: This will sound incredibly boring at first, but it’ll help you significantly improve your game in the long run. Before joining into a competitive game, set aside some time for refining your aim. Hop into a deathmatch server or just practice in the training range, make sure your reflexes and muscle memory are fine-tuned before joining a game of competitive Valorant. Your warm-up time should generally range anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes, but no less.
  • Know the maps: Knowing the basic outline of a map isn’t enough to to actually know the map. You’ve got to learn callouts, potential dart and camera locations, and hiding spots for every single map in the game. Take some time out to join a custom game and explore the different parts of the maps, it’s always worth it.
  • Movement: Being a precise marksman isn’t enough to win duels in higher ranks, and that’s why you should put extra effort into developing good movement. Movement primarily includes jumping, bunny hopping, peeking, and counter-strafing. The more you practice these aspects of movements the better you’ll get at taking duels. A good peeker can bait out an Operator shot through shoulder-peeking, and shoot their opponent dead before they get a chance to reposition.
  • Abilities: This is the aspect that separates Valorant from other modern competitive shooters. Mastering at least one Agent’s abilities is crucial for being a good Valorant player. Since you can’t buy grenades in this game, you have to use the Agents’ abilities to compensate for it. Every agent has a different set of skills, all of which can be useful in various situations.

Pick up one Agent that suits you and start spamming it. The more you play a particular Agent, the more you’ll get the hang of its skillset. Also, make sure to do your research on the other Agents’ abilities and plan your counters to each of them.

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If you follow the contents of this guide, you’ll find yourself gliding through the competitive spectrum of ranks in no time. Devote your time to the game, and it’ll reward you back with the satisfaction of wrecking your enemies along the way.

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