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How to fix Valorant Anti Cheat Boot Loader Issues

After a recent update, the anti-cheat by Riot Games has been disabling mouse and keyboard inputs entirely here's how to fix it.

The life span of Vanguard – the ‘revolutionary’ anti-cheat by Riot – has been cloaked in controversies up to now. Ever since its release, users were complaining about the kernel-mode anti-cheat system invading users’ privacies. Reports were also made about it blocking access to CPU temperatures. The problem seemed to get worse by a recent update, after which users are claiming that Vanguard is disabling the mouse and keyboard inputs entirely along with some other useful software.

Users had already begun to uninstall Vanguard as a last resort when a solution to the problem was posted on Reddit. The fix which was admittedly brought to light by the FACEIT Anti-cheat team mentions some steps which users can follow to prevent VALORANT from disabling the mouse and keyboard inputs at system boot.


The solution works by uninstalling a driver called ‘Interception’. The fix for the issue as exactly mentioned in the post is stated below:

cd <path to the directory where you extracted the files>

  • then cd “command line installer”
  • Then run: install-interception.exe /uninstall
  • Restart your PC and interception should be uninstalled.
  • Restart your PC again and Vanguard should be running aswell as your mouse and keyboard.

FACEIT AC Team also explained in the comments how the solution actually worked.


Paul “Arkem” Chamberlain – the lead of the anti-cheat team for VALORANT – had previously assured players that the issues with Vanguard would be resolved before the final release of the game which is scheduled for Summer 2020.

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