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Valorant’s Anti Cheat Found to Reduce FPS in CSGO and Other Games

Riot Games’ Valorant had managed to amass huge popularity among gamers within the first few days of its closed beta release. The criticisms it received from some streamers like Tfue were overshadowed by the plethora of positive reviews flowing about the game. However, fans of the game are furious about this incident which was brought to light by a Reddit user in the Valorant subreddit.

The post made by u/redbedbeard recorded an insight on how the Valorant anti-cheat running in the background was quite visibly affecting the performance of other games in his computer. From the post, it was evident that Riot’s “trusted” anti-cheat would cause trouble while playing other competitive fast-paced games like CSGO and Dota 2 even though Riot devs have clearly claimed in the past that their anti-cheat won’t be interfering in other programs.

Since Valorant is in closed beta, this kind of problem would still be understandable. But what the mods of the subreddit did next raised more concerns – They removed the post entirely, claiming that the post belonged in the bug mega-thread. The Valorant subreddit was created by Riot themselves and they were previously seen boasting about how they had handed the subreddit over to “trusted” people. This kind of behavior will certainly raise questions about the subreddit and the game itself.

The rant resurfaced on r/pcgaming where u/Bhu124 provided details on the incident that went down on the Valorant subreddit. The post received 2 Reddit golds and other gamers were clearly angry at the Valorant devs for their secrecy of this. The post raised its voice against the Valorant subreddit mods saying that the problem was “Clearly not just a regular old bug” and that “a Riot Dev claimed that they made sure it won’t interfere in any other programs, yet the thread was deleted anyway”.

When the comments in the former post were filled with complaints of people who were receiving significant FPS drops in other games, a Redditor mentioned the fix to the problem. According to u/DolphinWhacker, going to “C:\Program Files\Riot Vanguard”, changing “vgk.sys” to “vgk1.sys”, and then restarting the PC does the trick. However, every time you need to play Valorant, you’d need to rename the file back and restart your PC again. Paul “RiotArkem” Chamberlain – the lead of the anti-cheat team of Valorant – added to this by saying that it can also be fixed by removing Vanguard entirely by going to Add/Remove programs and uninstalling “Riot Vanguard”.

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