PUBG Mobile is the battle-royale game which established its dominance in the mobile gaming market since its launch. The game is a survival shooter to the core and comprises of several modes that fit in the genre. Payload Mode was one of these in-game modes that gained popularity and the game revamped it to add more features within the new update. The new features include UAV control terminal and we will discuss where to find them in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile changed the entirety of game UI and UX with slight changes to the mechanisms itself in their “New Era” update. The smoother game increased the standards of PUBG Mobile experience and to live upto them, several in-game modes were receiving tweaks. Payload Mode, which was basically a slight switch from traditional battle-royale to a warzone with upgraded technology and weapons.

UAV Control Terminal in PUBG Mobile

UAV stands for Unarmed Aerial Vehicle and it was in Payload Mode 2.0 as a surveillance station through which players can earn vital information about their enemy location and gain an edge over them. Players have to go to various locations in Erangel to find out the UAV drones.

There are three specified locations where UAV control terminal is present alongside the man portable radar. These operator skills are locked behind steel doors and players need to break them down in order to access it. Here is the list of locations you need to visit in order to find UAV control terminal in PUBG Mobile.


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First location where the UAV is accessible is located in Pochinki. In the eastern part of this city, a house has a steel door on the second floor. Players need to break it in order to access the UAV. The exact location of this building is shown above.

Yasnaya Polyana

It is slightly tricky to find this house in Yasnaya Polyana as it is a big city. Remember to locate a shack near the mark as shown in the image. The building next to shack has UAV controller hidden inside it.


The most tricky building to show on a map is School. It is a single infrastructure with many rooms and it can be difficult for players to find it correctly. An easy way to locate the room is to enter from the right hand side entrance and the first locked room indicated in the image has UAV.

These are the locations where you can UAV control terminals. Now get ready to drop exactly at the locations mentioned above and get your hands on the UAV before anyone else does. We wish you good luck.

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