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How to Use The UAV Control Terminal Once in PUBGM Event Mission

Using UAV Control Terminal once is an ongoing mission in PUBG Mobile. Here is a simple way to complete it.

PUBG Mobile recently upgraded its Payload Mode and launched a “2.0” version of it. This upgrade brought back the highly wanted payload game mode alongside some new features, vehicles, utilities, operator skills and more. Players who have tried this mode must have spotted a small plane flying around and shooting on enemies. This new operator skill is called UAV control Terminal and we will discuss how to complete the missions related to it in PUBGM.

UAV stands for Unidentified Aerial Vehicle and is mostly seen in games like Call of Duty: Mobile. This feature is added for the first time in PUBG Mobile and there are lots of features that come inside a single skill.

How to use UAV Control Terminal in PUBGM

UAV Control Terminal is an operator skill that aids in the surveillance of nearby enemies and also helps in open field combats. It is very essential to understand how the UAV works to use it perfectly as they are very limited in numbers and can only be located in selective places.

Using UAV Control Terminal once inside Payload Mode 2.0 is a mission currently ongoing in the featured events. Players who complete this mission are awarded with a free RP mission card. Here is how to complete this mission very easily.

  • Start Payload 2.0 mode and drop in Pochinki, School or Yasnaya and locate the exact spots.
  • Grab the UAV after bursting through the locked doors and do not use it instantly.
  • Roam around the map and wait until you fight in open fields. Remember to engage in a mid range or long range combat.
  • After starting a fight, hide in a safe spot and launch UAV towards your enemies. Use the missile option to kill your enemies but remember not to spam it as only 8 missiles are available per UAV.
  • After annihilating your enemies, continue to play the match like any regular game. When the game ends, you will see that the mission has been completed.

This is the simplest way to complete the mission and remember to use the UAV in only open spaces to gain full advantage of this operator skill. The mission is easy to complete but killing your enemies with missiles when they have no clue what happened gives a satisfactory feeling. Make sure to flaunt your advantage by fully utilising the potential offered by UAV Control Terminal in PUBGM.

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