PUBG Mobile Lite Payload 2.0 Update – Information and How to Download

PUBG Mobile Lite is a downgraded, light and simpler version of the original game. Despite being a Lite version, the game has its own maps, guns, modes and many other features that makes it stand out from the original. In the latest patch of PUBG Mobile Lite, a new game mode named Payload 2.0 is added.

Payload Mode 2.0 details:

Payload mode is a game mode in which players have more degree of freedom than normal classic matches. Here the game mechanism differ a lot and hence, the matches become more enjoyable. In this mode, players have access to different weapons than normal mode, the crewmates can be revived and some areas are different from the traditional map.

The PUBG Mobile Lite Payload Mode 2.0 highlights are as follows:

  • Stadium area from the map is removed to add a new location named Stronghold. Players can explore this new area exclusive to this mode.
  • A new helicopter is added, which is also easily accessible and can be used to get a higher altitude advantage.
  • Each and every vehicle in the game is armored for this mode. This includes Armored UAZ, Buggy and Dacia and its other variants.
  • Teammate ID cards can be used to revive the dead comrades at designated locations.
  • A new armory named Bomb suit is added.
  • Super Weapon Crates can be spotted in different locations which provides powerful guns.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite Payload 2.0

PUBG Mobile Lite is accessible from the Google Play and Apple App Stores but those who are facing any issues regarding the downloads can follow steps given below.

  • Visit the PUBG Mobile Lite official website.
  • Click on the “APK download” and wait until the package is downloaded.
  • Install the game and make sure “Install via unknown sources” is enabled in your phone settings before installing.

If you face a parsing error while installing, simply download the game again and it should get resolved. Make sure to download the game from official website only to get the higest sucess rate while installing PUBG Mobile Lite Payload 2.0 update.

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