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Noble Esports signs 12-Year-Old Indian Pro for PUBG Mobile

Noble Esports is making some big news in its South Asian operations, mainly in India. Starting with signing of a new PUBG Mobile roster in the country, they moved on to Valorant and now, they take a twelve year old pro under their regime.

Noble Esports announced that they signed the professional PUBG Mobile player Spower as their PUBG Mobile content creator and player. Spower is a 12-year-old pro who made his debut in the scene last year and has been making a name for himself since then. Earlier, he played for Initiative Esports and then represented prominent Indian Mobile Esports organization named 8bit.

Spower alongside other prominent faces of PUBG Mobile.

Noble signing SPower makes him the youngest Indian esports athelete to represent an international organisation. He is a well-known figure in PUBG Mobile community and has about 68,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Noble expressed its high expectations from this young player in a social media announcement post.

This announcement comes in an odd timing when PUBG Mobile remains banned in India. The esports organisations revolving around PUBG Mobile are taking a step back after the ban imposition and yet, Noble Esports makes a bold move to bring a young talent under its umbrella.

This move can be considered as a calculated risk as content creation is not affected by the game ban and Spower can potentially move on to a new game if PUBG Mobile remains banned. There are no new details about the future of PUBG Mobile and hence, the future of Noble Esports content creator lineup and the way in which the creators will evolve is not clear for now.

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