Free Fire New Character – Captain Booyah aka K; All you need to know

Free Fire is launched its KSHMR based character named Captain Booyah or K. All details about the character given below.

k character in free fire

Free Fire is finally ready to launch its latest character named “K” or Captain Booyah. The character was made as a collaborative effort between Free Fire and American Dj KSHMR. The collaboration was announced with an exclusive song and music video, which will be launched tomorrow.

Free Fire has more than 25 characters with various unique active and passive abilities to each of them. The most famous character in-game right now is Dj Alok and now, K can be seen as a potential rival to that character which offers a lot more sustainability potential to the crewmates in-game.

Free Fire Captian Booyah Details:

Captain Booyah or K is a new character that will resemble KSHMR in Free Fire. Although the character has similar looks like the DJ, the abilities it brings in-game are tremendous. This character will be the third real-life resembling character after Dj Alok and Bollywood star Hritik Roshan based Jai.

Free Fire Captain Booyah
Screengrab via 5 Star Gaming YT

Captain Booyah or K has two different abilities. Mainly characters have either an active or a passive ability but this character will have the combination of these two. Captain Booyah is depicted as a “professor and juijitsu expert” by the game. It has two abilities:

  • Passive: The character gets 2 EP per two seconds or 1 EP/sec which gives an EP boost to the character. Normally a character has 200 EP but K has an additional 50 EP.
  • Active: As the players gather EP when it reaches the mark of 150, an active toggle switch can activate the ability. Once the skill is activated, “K” is surrounded by a red-colored circle and regenerates HP for himself and his allies.

The character is not available in-game for now and will be available in a few days. Captain Booyah will be available with an entire bundle and players can unlock the character and its skin after purchasing and upgrading the character.

Along with the character, an exclusive song “One More Round” by KSHMR will be released on 15th October in Free Fire. A new music video was also announced which can be expected to be released in the upcoming days.