How to play Among Us with 100 players?

Some YouTubers have shared a mod for Among Us which allows upto 100 players to play the game.

Among Us is one of the biggest hits in the world of online video games and has managed to attain over 100 million downloads across platforms. The game of stealth, mystery, and deception was originally released two years ago, but failed to gain any traction till a few months back when some popular YouTubers and streamers started playing it.

The original version of Among Us features up to ten players in a spaceship divided into two groups – crewmates and impostors, the latter being the minority.

The crewmates have to use their wits and observational skills to deduce who the impostors are, while the impostors have to eliminate all the crewmates while using their communication skills to convince others that they’re innocent.

However, some YouTubers went ahead and broadened the player limit of Among Us by a huge margin, and shared the end results on their channels. This new mod of Among Us features 100 players, 10 of whom are impostors. Needless to say, the mod usually ends up chaotic due to the huge player count, but appears to be extremely fun to play.

YouTuber ‘socksfor1’ shared the gameplay of this new Among Us mod of 100 players, which you can take a look at here.

In case you’re interested in playing the mod yourself (and assuming you have 99 other people to play with), you can check out the YouTuber’s discord for a link to the mod.

Thumbnail Photo via – The Pixel Kingdom

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