PUBG Mobile Man Portable Radar Location & How to Use It

PUBG Mobile has included a new operator skill named Man Portable Radar in Payload Mode 2.0. Here is everything you need to know about it.

PUBG Mobile regularly adds new content and this time, they added Payload Mode 2.0. This mode is an upgraded version of the older Payload mode and has newly introduced features. The update has added features like UAV, armored vehicles and man portable radar in PUBG Mobile.

Man Portable Radar in PUBG Mobile

Man Portable Radar in PUBG Mobile refers to an operator skill which gives certain benefits to users in Payload Mode 2.0. When players enter a match in payload mode, they can utilise so many different weapons and features that are unavailable in other normal modes. Players can access choppers to get a higher altitude advantage and armored vehicles to have an additional sustainability in battles.

The biggest feature that can be seen in this mode is the variety of guns. The players who want to have some fun and use advanced weapons can head to Payload mode anytime. Guns like RPG and launchers are available in all the corners of the map.

Man Portable Radars are available in selective few locations of the map. Players need to locate various places in the map of Erangel and mow down the steel door to access UAV and radars. Once you collect a portable radar, you can set it in a advantageous location and it surveys a limited parameter for enemies.

Screengrab via SuvankarPUBG YT

Whenever a radar is activated, it detects all the armored vehicles in the surveillance parameter as shown above. You can track enemy movements and locations and then strategize your next move accordingly. Adding a UAV to this radar makes it almost impossible for enemies to sneak up on your team.

Radar Locations

It is important to note that the UAV and Man Portable Radar is available in some parts of the map. Players can access the radar in a building in Yasnaya Polyana city. Head to the house infront of famous Red Building located in the eastern part of this city. Another location is the main School building. A room next to assembly hall section is locked with metal door and you need to break it to access man portable radar. Here is the exact location of the houses that include this radar


Man Portable Radar in PUBG Mobile location

Yasnaya Polyana




Here is everything you need to know about man portable radars in PUBG Mobile. Be ready to grab those armored vehicles and drive to these locations and grab the radars before anybody else does.

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