ESPL reveal Valorant stars addendum to Valorant PowerUp India event

ESPL have added a 'Valorant stars' theme to the Valorant PowerUp India event, with four influencers to build and captain their respective teams in Qualifier #4 of the event.

ESPL have announced an addendum to the already running ESPL Valorant PowerUp India tournament. The recruitment drive named Valorant stars will be headlined by four influencers, with Saloni ‘Mili Kya Mili’ Kandalgaonkar, Animesh ‘8Bit_Thug’ Agarwal, Prasad ‘Hydra_BTS’ Joshi, and Muddaseer ‘Gaming Guru’ Ali set to be the designated captains.

The captains will have a pool of players to bid on in order to fill their respective teams with five players excluding themselves. Once the teams are complete, the four lineups will be registered in Qualifier #4 of the ESPL Valorant PowerUp India event to battle established teams and each other on the server.

Players can register here to be part of the bidding pool. The registrations will run till January 27, 2021, with the auction set to take place and streamed live to the virtual audience on the 30th of January. There are prizes on offer courtesy of HyperX for the ‘Valorant Star’ Team that manages to progress further than the remaining three while also having a chance to book a slot in the Final Phase of the ESPL Valorant PowerUp India event.

So far, 8 teams have booked their respective slots in the Final Phase of the mega event. Qualifier #3 will commence from January 23, 2021, and will see four more teams join the likes of Global Esports, GodLike Esports, XTZ Esports, Ah Yeah Gaming, Reckoning Esports, eSamurai Esports, White Shadows Esports, and NaCly. Team Mahi, previously known as Velocity Gaming or VLT Gaming, have also registered for the third Qualifier after opting to sit out the first two.

For players and teams interested in registering themselves for Qualifier #4, they can do so here. The registrations for Qualifier 4 will end on January 31, 2021.