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World record holder accused of cheating during COD tournament

The Call of Duty pro scene had seen more controversies in the past year than ever before, ever since the CDL shifted to PCs, the league has been opened up for cheaters to do their thing. With accusations flowing around on multiple teams, Warzone pro Tommey has pointed fingers at Pacesetter on the live stream.

Pacesetter was previously subjected to cheating accusations but nothing concert was found to convict him with. After losing a tournament game against his team, Tommey decided to keep a close eye on him, looking for any suspicious actions hinting at something shady. He the distance to ask for a monitor cam in his stream which Pacesetter conveniently ignored and went offline, deleting all the VODs, the suspicion grew far intense when he openly denied cooperating with the tournament admins.

There were more than enough clips that justified the accusations, but calling someone of his stature a cheater is a tall order task in itself as one must have enough evidence, lacking which will them slandered by the community for spreading fake news. Enough compelling evidence surfaced when the admin asked him to run the anti-cheat client and asked him to share his screen and show his activity log. Pace asked the admin to wait but never returned, which in itself is a punishable offense.

Without any proper investigation, nothing can be confirmed given the uses Xsplit for streaming, as it is a streamer software that can be used to conveniently hide cheats in streams. All these freshly surfaced accusations have cornered him, he will be under a strict investigation going forward and hopefully be caught if any of these allegations are true.

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