Stats Reveal Purple to be the Best Colour in CSGO Competitive

The series of memes initially started when the official Twitter handle of CSGO posted a Tweet in July 2020 claiming that “when playing Competitive, purple is the best color to be.” The tweet that was deleted afterwards left many CSGO fans confused, while some others believed it to be a joke.

However, about six months later, it turns out that the Tweet wasn’t simply a meme but an actual fact. A recent analysis conducted by Leetify has revealed that CSGO players who use the colour purple in Competitive perform the best in-game.

The analysis that took into account over 20,000 Matchmaking games shows that purple players have the highest average HLTV rating of 1.03 followed by yellow at 1.02 and blue at 1.01. It also shows that orange is the worst performing color in-game with an HLTV rating of 0.99.

While it can’t be conclusively said that choosing purple in CSGO competitive will make you a better player, the stats were enough to draw the attention of the CSGO developers themselves, who replied with a GIF saying “I know” to the data shown.