Global Esports wins ESPL Valorant PowerUp India Qualifiers #1

Global Esports sent GodLike Esports packing from ESPL Valorant PowerUp India Qualifiers #1 in a BO3 affair where they swept the series 2-0 to qualify for the main event.

Map Veto :

1. GodLike removed Ascent.
2. Global Esports removed Split.
3. GodLike picked Ascent.
4. Global Esports picked Haven.
5. Bind was left over.

* Debanjan “DMKing” Das will be replaced by Mohit “Mw1” Wakle due to an arm injury.
** Mw1 was ranked 78th on Valorant’s APAC leaderboard in October, making him the first ever Indian to achieve this feat.

Map 1 (Picked by GodLike Esports, Won by Global Esports. Final Score : 13-5)

The first match of ESPL Valorant India’s Grand Finale was played on Ascent, with Global Esports getting off to a swift 7-0 lead after winning their pistol on defense. GodLike, who were fielding Mohit “Mw1 Wakle instead of Debanjan ‘DMKing’ Das responded with their first successful round after their 0-7 trail thanks to ScarGod and WhiteHorse who managed to seal the 2v1 against GE’s Akshay “KappA” Sinkar. 

It was only in the second half that GodLike managed to get back on the board, 5-11, but they could not follow up on it. A combined effort from Bhavin “HellRanger” Kotwani and Jayant “SkillZ” Ramesh saw the duo finally secure the map win for Global Esports, going 1-0 up in the three match series. 

Map 2 (Picked and Won by Global Esports, Final Score : 15-13)

Global Esports got off successfully in the series on Haven after a troublesome first half on their defensive side. Despite winning the first pistol and the eco during the first half, the Bhavin “HellRanger” Kotwani-led squad went over to the offense with just three rounds to their name, but huge individual displays from the in-game leader as well as KappA and Ganesh “SkRossi-” Rossi helped them come back into contention once sides switched.

Despite the valiant efforts put up by Mohit “Mw1” Wakle with two alternate triple kill rounds on GodL’s offense, the latter fell just 1 round short to impose the third overtime over their opponents allowing them to sweep the series 2-0.