Valorant have revealed the official Asian Leaderboard for the game. However, Former CSGO professional Mohit ‘Spawn’ Wakle seems like the only Indian player to have made the top 100. Spawn goes by the IGN mw1 in Valorant and is ranked at 78th on the said leaderboard.

Spawn is a former CSGO professional having played at the highest level in India for multiple teams. The Mumbai-based Hybrid AWPer has played for organisations like Dare2Dream and Global Esports and is generally recognised to have quite a cerebral approach to the game.

While there may be other Indian players, none of the aliases mentioned in the top 100 match that of official IGNs of any Indian professionals. In case you are one of the people who have made it, we urge you to come forward and message us so we can kindly edit our writeup accordingly.

You Can Watch His Top 100 Gameplay Here –