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Twitch is removing “hot tub” comments from the Official Channel chat

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Users are unable to type the “hot tub” phrase in the chat of the platform’s official Twitch channel according to reports. The messages are getting removed by moderators as suspected by many.

Anyone who has visited Twitch in the last few months is aware of the “Hot Tub” streams. Such streams are all over Twitch, it is classified as a group of streamers who sit around pools/tubs with swimsuits housed inside the “Just Chatting” category of the platform. Users consider this to a “suggestive content” and do not go in line with Twitch’s culture of video game streaming. The viewership of these streamers has skyrocketed in recent times, thus earning the title of “Twitch meta”.

Though Twitch has certain guidelines in place to prevent oversexualizing their content however there are certain ways it can be exploited. The grey area in their ToS allows such streamers to continue on their platform which has somewhat generated mixed feelings among the veterans.

Reddit user who goes by the handle JitterOS noted that they were unable to post the phrase ‘hot tub streamers’ on Twitch’s main channel during their May 14 Public Access broadcast. The post contained a screenshot where his comments were followed by the message: ‘Your message wasn’t posted due to conflicts with the channel’s moderation settings.’. This implies that Twitch’s moderation settings are preventing such messages.

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As of now, similar messages are not getting returned by the mods at various channels which indicates this to be a mere error or a faulty moderation setting. In any case, Twitch wouldn’t want to let the users know if they are taking steps against “Hot Tub” streamers and if this marks the beginning of that.

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