Pokimane hot tub stream breaks record

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Pokimane’s hot tub stream broke Twitter following the announcement and generated mixed reactions from the community.

The Moroccan-Canadian streamer planned to hop into the hot tub bandwagon for her birthday and it was successful to say the least. Pokimane has developed a reputation of staying far from suggestive content so the announcement raised a few questions but all of it has been answered as of now.

The hot tub meta was well tackled by Anys and her friends. They made sure everyone remains fully clothed and were cautious enough to not encounter any wardrobe malfunction. The group engaged is several activities filled with giggles and laughter including an inevitable cake cutting session for the birthday girl.

The stream racked up over 100,000 concurrent viewers which is crazy even for Pokimane’s extremely high standard. OfflineTV crew members hanging out in pool might just be enough to make the stream of the year.

Several highlights were noted in the entirety of the stream including rapper DaBaby showing up to wish Pokimane followed by Disguised Toast volunteering to get their arms tattooed by group. However, the entire chat went berserk when they paid homage to Gamer Girl. The infamous gamer girl who tired selling the water she bathed in was replicated by Scarra.

“Oh, look at that. It’s some quality OTV hot tub water,” Scarra said when handing a jar filled with the same hot tub water they bathed in. Though they clarified they are not going to sell it but the thought crossed everyone’s mind.

With this OTV sets a new standard for Hot Tub streams, proving it that Hot Tub stream should not necessarily be filled with suggestive content but beneficiaries can’t undermine its true prowess which explains the whole thing be labelled as a “meta”.

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