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PewDiePie reveals why he took down the popular “my new car” video in 2016

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The biggest independent YouTuber Felix Kjellberg has revealed the reason behind taking down the massively popular “My New Car” video in 2016 that mocks celebrities who flex their new cars on YouTube.

Showing off expensive cars on YouTube was a trend back in 2016 and who better than PewDiePie to troll the rich kids on the block. In the video, Felix can be seen showing off his Nissan Micra like it’s an expensive sports car and hilariously imitating the way most YouTubers speak while showing their cars. Micra has “middle-class” written all over it and acts as an ironic element in the video, being in direct contrast with expensive cars.

The video was well-received by the community but it couldn’t make its way to the platform for long. Unlike its predecessor, the video ran into some trouble with the sponsors and it had to be taken down.

Why the video was taken down?

The sponsors for the video provided the car for promotional purposes but failed to inform the specifics. Despite repeated inquiries, the company assured Kjellberg and his team that the car ran on petrol but it was far from the truth. Once they filled it up with petrol the engine went in flames, hence an obvious implication. Following the incident, things went south with the sponsors and the video had to be taken down.

When going through a series of funny TikToks on May 14th, PewDiePie came across a video where a car was getting reminding its owner to use Diesel instead of Petrol and it brought back some bittersweet memories from 2016.

Funny how things circle back in life. For those who are really curious about his car, PewDiePie owns a Porsche 911 according to reports, though it’s an expensive car, it is far from a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.

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