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The “Esports News” category on TalkEsport.com features a variety of articles covering recent developments in the esports world. Some of the latest articles include updates on the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, changes in the Counter-Strike scene, and news about the Valorant Team Deathmatch Map ‘Drift’. This section provides insights into various esports events, player movements, and game updates​​.

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CS2 Ranks and the New Ranking System Explained

TalkEsport, the ultimate destination for esports news and insights, brings you an in-depth exploration of the newly revamped CS2 ranking system. CS2, the successor...

Top 5 PC Setup Tips for Counter Strike 2 (CS2)

Counter-Strike 2 remains a benchmark in the world of competitive gaming. This fast-paced, strategic shooter game demands not just skill and strategy but also...

How Much Does CSGO Pro s1mple Earn?

In the riveting world of esports, few names resonate as profoundly as Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) luminary. His prowess in...

How XTQZZZ helped Vitality dominate CSGO scene throughout 2020

When the online format was tearing down Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams in 2020, Team Vitality emerged as an absolute powerhouse, carrying French CSGO...

PUBG Mobile India Transitory Timeline & What You Need To Know

A detailed discussion about the recent developments that took place regarding the PUBG Mobile return in India.

A look at Valve’s cold attitude towards CSGO

Valve's first-person shooter game CSGO passed the 1 Million concurrent players mark for the first time since its release.

PUBG Mobile India: Timeline

A detailed discussion about the recent developments that took place regarding the PUBG Mobile return in India.

3 NFL Games To Simulate On Madden 21 For Week 13

Can you believe the NFL season has just five regular-season games remaining? As the NFL enters Week 13, there are significant games that can...

Trials & Tribulations of the Esports Industry

By now, you must have at least heard of the term esports, as its presence has become somewhat inescapable on TV and the internet...

MortaL ranks second in “Streamer of the Year” category at Esports Awards

Mortal almost won the "Streamer of the Year" award.

PUBG Mobile Coming Back In India – 5 Things You Need To Know

PUBG Mobile is returning to India after a two-month long hiatus and this major comeback will bring a new form of PUBG Mobile in the country,

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How to Get Jackie Skin in Fortnite?

Rocket Racing is more than just another event in...

Spero Claims Krafton Will Soon Solve the Cheating Problem in BGMI

Since the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), cheating...

Fortnite Chapter 5 Mythic Locations

The new Fortnite update has turned the game over...

How to Get Brightcore in LEGO Fortnite?

Epic has released LEGO Fortnite and thousands of players...

GTA 6 PC System Requirements: Release Date and More

Rockstar finally announced the next iteration in the fabled...