Top Earning BGMI Teams Of 2022 in India

bgmi ban

BGMI was the top-grossing game in India regarding player spending in mobile games. The game was banned but still had a flourishing esports scene. Many professional teams were competing during that time, earning a ton of cash. Here is the list of the top ten BGMI teams in tournament earnings.

BGMI had a short stint in the esports world, but the tournament prize pools ranged into crores during that time. Before August, the teams had stacked some good amounts.

The list of top ten earning teams in BGMI is as follows:

Team S8UL

The list starts with Team S8UL, the most dominating BGMI team in India, before the game was banned. They earnt a total of ₹1.45 crores from tournaments.

Skylightz Gaming

Skylightz was the first BGMI champion at BGMI India Series 2022. They have accumulated a total of ₹71.5 lakhs from tournament earnings, out of which a massive part comes from winning BGIS.

7Sea Esports

7Sea performed very well during the first and only BGMI esports season to take away a total of ₹70.8 lakhs home.

GodLike Esports

GodLike Esports was one of India’s most hyped BGMI teams after they signed the ex-TSM squad. They earnt a total of ₹70 lahks this year.

TSM India

TSM came back by signing an entirely new BGMI roster, and this turned out to be great for them as they won ₹65 lakhs in a year.

Orange Rock

Orange Rock had to let go of their OG roster close to winning PMWL, but the new roster was also great and earnt ₹53 lahks this year.

Global Esports

Global Esports shone this year with an earning of ₹50 lakh in their pockets. They have been doing well with their VALORANT lineup as well.

Team XO

XO ranks eighth on this list as they earnt ₹48.5 lahks within a year from BGMI tournaments. Snax was the star of this team.

Enigma Gaming

Enigma Gaming won a total of ₹48.3 lakhs from BGMI tournaments as they came close to beating XO this year.

Chemin Esports

Chemin Esports ranks last on this list with a cumulative earning of ₹19.2 lakhs this year.

This is the list of the top ten earning teams in BGMI for 2022. The game is still banned in the country but there is a strong possibility of its return, and the Indian govt. Will decide the fate of BGMI.