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Why Valorant Skins Are So Expensive in 2023?

If you have been playing Valorant lately, you might have noticed that some of its skins are pretty pricey. As a result, there have been some complaints and even some ridicule.

The problem is that the value of a Valorant skin does not necessarily go beyond the price tag. Rather, the price is a function of the price of the Valorant Points you need to buy the skin.

In other words, the value of a cosmetic is determined by what the individual can afford. While some people are willing to spend a lot of money on a single Valorant skin, others will not even consider spending that much.

One of the more popular and effective ways to monetize Valorant is through its cosmetic microtransactions. These include skins, sound effects, and even death animations. Most of them cost Valorant Points, which can be purchased with real-life money. They range from a few thousand to several million points.

The most expensive of all Valorant skins, the Elderflame Operator, is worth 2475 VP. It is based on dragons and has some impressive sound effects. Plus, it has some upgrades and color variants to boot. That’s not to mention that it comes with VFX changes as well.

But while the most expensive Valorant skin might be worth the price, some players are concerned that its impact on gameplay is minimal. Especially because it doesn’t actually give players an advantage in the game.

Aside from the price, some players have criticized the design of the store. For example, it’s a relatively small store, and some people have complained that its interface is not user-friendly. Some have also criticized the size of its logo. There are also concerns that the game’s in-game currency is essentially worthless.

Other critics have pointed to the in-game store’s lack of novelty. It’s possible that the game’s skins are a gimmick, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a valuable part of the gaming experience.

It’s true that some Valorant skins provide extra features that can help you win the game. However, you don’t need to use them to enjoy the game. Instead, you can make your weapon more powerful by enhancing it with a few Valorant Points. Also, the game’s battle pass costs a mere $10, and it unlocks 11 different skins. You can purchase more Valorant Points, if you have them, for a bit more.

Nevertheless, Valorant has a long way to go to become a financially sustainable game. To do this, Riot has to raise a significant amount of capital. And if it’s going to be worth it, the company has to offer players a fair deal. With that said, Valorant can’t just release another skin bundle without first considering how other players would react.

One of the first skin bundles to offer something unique to the game was the Elderflame set. This set features four color variants, three upgrades, a reload animation, and other eye candy. Animated collections are also available, though they cost a bit more.

Pranav Nalawade
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