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Why Indian Government’s Recognition of Esports Is Crucial

Esports for an average Indian household still remains a taboo, a profession that most consider being nothing more than recreation. Out of concern, parents wish their kids to choose conventional paths for their careers that would result in a secure future and esports often fail to find a significant place in these conversations.

In a democracy like India, the Government plays a very important role in infusing trust into a profession. Traditional sports which have the backing of the Government are often trusted by Indians and esports might have a parallel stand if the masses are educated about the prospects in this profession.

Trust plays a vital role in every industry and concerned Indian parents would definitely not let their kids work hard for a career in gaming over more conventional fields of education like Engineering and Law. The Indian government has the power to help a business thrive in India if the information is spread in the right manner to the concerned target audience.

The gaming industry has so many areas where skilled personnel is needed so if one chooses to make a career in this field, one will have a wide spectrum of different professions to choose from besides being a professional player in the Esports industry.

While the majority of Indians assume esports to lack the fundamentals that a traditional industry boasts, it is their lack of awareness that has kept this field from growing. The Government can help spread the word that esports goes beyond a means of recreation and is a viable career option in 2022.

With recognition from the right bodies, the already growing Esports scene can increase said growth tenfolds and keeping esports parallel with other traditional sports like cricket and football can see parents think of their kid’s future in gaming.

There are plenty of success stories that might be enough to convince the masses of esports as a genuine career choice but the uncertainties around it are often a setback, but what career doesn’t have them? An individual should take an informed decision before taking a leap in any career and awareness plays a key role here.

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