Piers Morgan claims Andrew Tate shot dead

Andrew Tate

Piers Morgan recently had his Twitter account hacked and the hacker used it to leak messages that have put Morgan under fire, specifically with his comments surrounding Christiano Ronaldo. However, the hacker used it to take shots at fighter turned online personality, Andrew Tate.

In a Tweet, Piers Morgan announced that Andrew Tate was shot dead in Dubai which many believed to be true given the former’s credibility as a journalist until it was revealed that his Twitter account was hacked. The news for obvious reasons sent shockwaves given Tate has been one of the most controversial personalities with his rather unconventional opinions on certain topics.

Piers Morgan’s account was misused to the point he had to deactivate it but by the time he was able to take the situation under control, things were already far out of his hand and Tate was one of the many that the hacker took a shot at.

“Hard to kill” is what Tate had to say against Morgan’s Tweet.

It is safe to assume that Tate was completely aware that the account was not under Morgan’s control and that it was the act of a hacker when the journalist had no control over his account.

All of this has been part of a big elaborate joke that the hacker knew it won’t last long. Morgan gather a lot of attention after his exclusive interview with CR7 and posted a series of controversial Tweets during Leo Messi’s triumph in Qatar which is what likely put him under the crosshairs of the said hacker.

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