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Fixing ‘Survey Tasks Not Showing’ Error in Wuthering Waves: A Gamer’s Guide

Wuthering Waves has captivated players worldwide with its engaging gameplay and special events. However, some players have encountered an issue where Survey Tasks do not appear during the Wuthering Exploration event. This article provides a comprehensive guide to resolving this problem, ensuring you can continue your adventure without interruption.

Understanding the Issue

Survey Tasks are crucial for progressing in the Wuthering Exploration event. They allow players to earn points and reach milestones, which in turn unlock valuable rewards such as 800 Astrites, an Elite Class Echo I, a Morphable Elite Class Echo II, a Premium Tuner, and a Premium Sealed Tube. However, many players have reported that these tasks sometimes fail to appear in their game.

Quick Fix: Restart Your Game

The simplest and most effective solution to this issue is to restart your game. Logging out and then back into your account can often resolve the problem, making the Survey Tasks visible again. This method is straightforward and has been successful for many players.

Event Details and Participation

The Wuthering Exploration event is a limited-time special event launched by Kuro Games on June 13 and will expire on June 27, just before the daily reset at 4:00 Server Time. To participate, players need to have reached Union Level 14 or above. Each day, the event provides two Survey Tasks that reset after a few hours at a fixed time.

Why This Issue Occurs

Despite its popularity, with over 30 million downloads worldwide, Wuthering Waves is not without its technical issues. The Survey Tasks not showing up is one such glitch that can disrupt the gaming experience. Regular updates and patches from the developers aim to address these issues, but occasional bugs can still occur.

If you encounter the issue of Survey Tasks not showing in Wuthering Waves, a simple game restart should resolve it. This quick fix allows you to continue enjoying the Wuthering Exploration event and earn the rewards it offers. Stay tuned for updates from Kuro Games to ensure a smoother gaming experience.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your adventure in Wuthering Waves remains uninterrupted and rewarding. Happy gaming!

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