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Should You Pull Stringmaster Without Yinlin in Wuthering Waves?

Stringmaster: To Pull or Not To Pull?

Wuthering Waves, a popular action RPG, has recently introduced new characters and weapons that have stirred the gaming community. Among these, Yinlin and her signature weapon, Stringmaster, have garnered significant attention. This article delves into whether it is worth pulling Stringmaster without having Yinlin in your roster.

Understanding Stringmaster’s Power

Stringmaster is a 5-Star Rectifier weapon that was released alongside Yinlin. It is renowned for its exceptional power, surpassing its standard counterpart, Cosmic Ripples, in almost every aspect except for raw ATK%. This makes Stringmaster a highly coveted weapon for players looking to enhance their arsenal.

Best in Slot (BiS) Weapon

Stringmaster is considered the Best in Slot (BiS) weapon for Encore as of Yinlin’s release. Its dominance in this category is unparalleled, making it a top choice for players who prioritize maximizing their character’s potential. The weapon’s passive ability provides a significant damage boost to any character that utilizes their Resonance Skill as a primary damage source.

Future Prospects and Versatility

While Stringmaster is currently a top-tier weapon, there is a high likelihood that other powerful 5-Star Rectifier weapons will be introduced in the future. However, Stringmaster’s combination of universally useful stats and a powerful passive ability makes it a safe pick for players looking to add a reliable 5-Star Rectifier to their collection.

Weapon Value in Account Progression

In Wuthering Waves, weapons hold a slightly higher value than characters from an account progression standpoint. This is due to the guaranteed pick mechanism of the weapon banner, which ensures that players can obtain the weapon of their choice. Additionally, having more 5-Star weapons on your account enhances your characters’ performance, especially during endgame content like the Tower of Adversity, where you can freely swap weapons and gear.

Comparing Yinlin and Jiyan

The banners for Yinlin and Jiyan are featured together, tempting players to choose between the two. Yinlin is an off-field Sub-DPS capable of dealing massive damage without being on the field, making her a versatile choice for players who prefer quick rotations. On the other hand, Jiyan is a main DPS who spends a significant amount of time on the field, dealing substantial damage.

Who Should You Pull For?

  • Pull for Jiyan if you: Want a main DPS who can stay on the field for over 10 seconds, dealing consistent damage.
  • Pull for Yinlin if you: Want a versatile Sub-DPS who can handle various DPS roles efficiently.

Stringmaster is an incredibly powerful weapon that offers significant benefits even without Yinlin. Its universal stats and passive abilities make it a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal. While future updates may introduce new powerful weapons, Stringmaster remains a safe and strategic choice for enhancing your characters’ performance in Wuthering Waves. Whether you decide to pull for Yinlin or Jiyan, consider your playstyle and team composition to make the most informed decision.

By understanding the strengths and potential of Stringmaster, players can make a well-rounded decision on whether to invest in this powerful weapon, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in Wuthering Waves.

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